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     This compilation of stories was written by women who have embraced mothering as a mandate to show up and serve. They courageously reveal their personal inner work and how they held their children with grace, humility, endurance, and with fierce dedication to the opportunity 
to love on life’s terms. 
  Their stories will comfort, instruct and touch the lives of readers. Telling their stories about children of all ages they describe their journeys from the deep well of joy and sorrow to the unexpected 
gifts and miracles that enrich their lives.

     This book speaks to the timeless questions of how to handle love and power as well as the newer questions of intuiting and supporting 
a child’s destiny in a new and emerging world.

   "Fearless Nest is a bold invitation to mothers to take a fierce look at themselves. 
    This anthology will inspire and instruct those seeking deep inquiry into parenting as a transformative journey.  
    If today's youth are going to be able to fully play their parts in the 'great turning' they will need mothers like these who can see their children as "Elders in Universe Time." (Buckminster Fuller)” 
    Lynne Twist 
    Author, The Soul of Money, co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance and co-creator of Four Years.Go.,,
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Fearless Community
An Anthology
Edited by 
Shana Stanberry Parker
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